Introductory videos and tutorials on Eagle

The What, the Why, the Where, and the How of Eagle

This is an introductory video on what is the Eagle package, why do we need Eagle, where can you download Eagle, and how is Eagle different to other genome-wide association mapping packages.

How to Organize your Input Data

In this video, we talk about how Eagle wants the data to be organised into a marker data file, a phenotype data file, an optional map file, and a Z matrix file (if needed). We give examples and discuss the attributes of each of these data files.

A Eagle tutorial for those new to R or are in a hurry

In this tutorial video, we show how to use the Eagle GUI to perform a genome-wide association mapping analysis of some test data. The test data is available for download below. This is a good video to watch if you are new to R or if you are in a hurry to use Eagle and don't want to worry about writing R source code.

Data files used in this video

Name Description Download File
genoDemo.dat Genotype data. 150 individuals by 4998 snp. Download
phenoDemo.dat Phenotype data. 150 individuals. two traits (trait1, trait2) and four predictors Download
mapDemo.dat< Map data. 4998 snp by 3 columns for snp name, chromosome, and map position Download