Eagle News

September 2017

Eagle 1.0.3 hosted on CRAN

August 2018

Eagle 1.1.0 hosted on CRAN.
* fixed memory bug on windows systems.
* added Z matrix functionality to accommodate data where an individual, for a trait, may have multiple measurements.
* replaced problematic tk_choose.files with shinyFiles for improved file browsing.
* changed Makefiles so that Eigen is now row major, doubling the speed.
* added new function FPR4AM to calculate, empirically, the false positive rate (FPR) for a given gamma value for extBIC.

August 2018

Eagle Demo site went live, giving users an opportunity to trial the Eagle GUI on some test data.

November 2018

Eagle 1.2.0 hosted on CRAN.
* Modified FPR4AM so that it will give the best gamma value for a user-defined false positive rate, trait, and analysis model.
* Further developed online R documentation for AM function.

Febuary 2019

Eagle 1.3.0 hosted on CRAN.
* Fixed missing data issue with FPR4AM where it would crash if the trait contained missing data.
* Added capacity to ReadPheno to accommodate additional read.table arguments such as skip.

April 2019

Eagle 1.4.0 hosted on CRAN.
* Modified SummaryAM function to work with Z matrix.
* Minor changes made to Findings page of GUI.