Eagle for Mac OS

A How To guide for installing Eagle along with multi-threaded R [last revised Sept 2018]

Before You Start

You will need administrator privileges. This gives the installation script access to write-protected parts of the system.


Of all the operating systems, macOS proved to be the most challenging in which to develop a robust set of instructions for installing a multi-threaded version of R and Eagle. Unlike on a Linux and Windows system, here R Open would not install cleanly when an older version of R was present. To get around this problem, we have instead opted to install standard R and replace its single-threaded math libraries with multi-thread (openBLAS) math libraries.

The instructions below look worse than what they actually are. The process is install R, install some compilers to allow R to handle source code, install openBLAS for multi-threaded computation, and then install Eagle.

Step 1: Install XQuartz

Step 2: Install the latest version of clang

Step 3: Making the C and C++ compilers findable to R

Step 4: Install the latest version of GNU Fortran

Step 5: Install the latest version of R from CRAN

Step 6: Installation of Homebrew

Step 7: Installation and linking of OpenBLAS

Step 8: Run R

Step 9: Installation of the Eagle package

Step 10: Start using Eagle